-Lash tinting-

Upper & lower lash tint.


-Lash Lift & Tint OR Lash Perm & Tint 

 Lasts 8 weeks. – Lashes are gently lifted into place for curled or exaggerated look which stays in place until the new lash cycle has fully grown through. Mascara can also be added to the lifted & tinted lashes to create an even darker look! Lashes can be gradually lifted, or lifted straight from the root depending on the length of lashes.


Half Set/Taster Lashes

50% of lashes are applied to, perfect for those wanting to try a natural set of lashes or to try out lash extensions.


Classic Lashes

One single lash extension attached to each natural lash, allowing a natural/mascara look with added length & curl.


Mixed Set/Hybrid Lashes 

Half Classic/Half Russian Volume- the best of both worlds! Classic & Volume lashes are applied to create a fine:full look, perfect for adding a little extra volume to your lashes!


Light Russian Volume Lashes

 Super fine single lashes are hand made into a fan to create a fuller & fluffier look to the natural lash. With a light volume set, 2, 3, 4 lashes in a fan are added to each natural lash. This lash set is perfect for those with weaker or damaged lashes that need a little pick me up.


Full Russian Volume Lashes

 Similar to Light Volume lashes, however more lightweight lashes are used in each Russian Volume fan. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 lashes in a fan are added to each natural lash. This lash set is perfect for those with good, strong natural lashes who would like to have a full and fluffy lash line- Our most popular set.


MEGA Volume Lashes

An upgrade to the the Russian Volume lash technique which has taken the lash world by storm! As the name suggests, these lashes really are the biggest & fullest of ALL lash extensions! To create Mega Volume Lashes, we need strong & healthy natural lashes. Up to 15 super fine lashes in a fan are added to each natural lash, creating beautiful, equally spaced fans which in turn creates a bespoke set of the fullest, fluffiest lashes possible. 



Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks for all Lash Extensions. Infill prices depend on the number of weeks since the initial set of lashes, time taken for the infill appointment & quality of aftercare followed. All aftercare will be provided and must be followed to keep your natural lashes happy & healthy. A full range of lash cleansers, luxury lash brushes & eye make up remover is available with each full set.